List of Gaming Mouse Sensors and Specifications

If you’re even a little bit serious about playing competitive (shooter) games you will definitely need a mouse with a good sensor. As a competitive gamer you will want all of the moves that you make on your pad to be translated to the game with pixel perfect precision, and if you have a mouse with an unreliable sensor that goes off and does its own thing (or even stops tracking) every now and again you will never be playing at your highest level.

Think about it: one missed shot can be the difference between winning a round (or match) and certain death. Something that was, for all intents and purposes, a certain kill gets nullified because of a mouse sensor malfunction. That can get frustrating really quickly, doubly so when that missed kill (or stun, or flash, or …) causes things to spiral out of control. You might think that one missed kill out of hundreds doesn’t really matter, but what if it was the last kill in an important clutch round? What if it’s your rankup game and you accidentally flash your teammate instead of the enemy on the final round? Do you really want to rely on luck of the draw when it comes to hitting those important shots? Of course not.

Luckily, gaming mice have evolved to the point where having a flawless sensor isn’t exactly a selling point anymore. There are many different flawless sensors these days, and they can be found in anything from budget mice to the top of the line stuff. Because of the abundance of flawless sensors (each with their own name) it can be a bit complicated to see the forest for the trees though, and that’s where this article comes in.

What is a flawless sensor?

A flawless sensor is simply a sensor that translates all of your movements into the PC with perfect precision. By this we not only mean that it’s capable of keeping track at all times (and all speeds) but also that it does so without  or using predictions.

Most older mice (and recent mice that aren’t aimed at gamers) try to ‘predict’ what the user is going to do. If you’re going in a straight-ish (pretty much no one can draw a pixel perfect line without a ruler) line, for example, the mouse might detect that and automatically smooth out that line. The same for curved movements: the user might be moving their mouse in a curve, but because humans inherently aren’t as precise as machines the mouse might want to help ‘smooth out’ that movement. This is fine for office mice, and arguably these things can make a mouse feel more pleasant to use in those circumstances, but if you’re gaming you don’t want any of that stuff because it interferes with your raw aim.

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Some of these things are a little bit subjective, however. Acceleration, for example, is something that gets used by some of our analyzed pros. The vast majority do not utilize any prediction or smoothing features though, so it’s important for a mouse to have a flawless sensor. After all it’s easy to introduce stuff such as acceleration through software in case you want to use it, but if it’s baked into the sensor you can’t remove it.

If you want to learn more about these terms we’ve got you covered! Read our articles below for more information.

Our list

In our list we have gathered a whole lot of common gaming mice with flawless sensors. We also added a number of interesting features such as the weight and size to help you get a better overview on all of these different products. Where applicable we’ve also linked to our reviews.

We say ‘a whole lot’ of mice instead of ‘all’ because it’s quite frankly impossible to list all mice with flawless sensors. There are tons of really small companies that produce mice with flawless sensors these days, and it’s impossible for us to test all of them. This list, however, should contain all of the most popular brands and mice, and we’re constantly keeping it updated with the newest models. If a mouse is on here you can be sure that it’s going to be good for gaming.

What’s also important to note is that we chose to only list currently available mice. Flawless sensors have been common for a year or three now, and we’ve seen a lot of products come and go in that time. In the interest of keeping this list clutter-free and interesting to browse we chose to only show you mice that you can currently buy.

If you think a certain product should definitely be included (or we’ve got something wrong) then please do not hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

Update at 3:01 - 31/07/2023
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