Monthly Updated 2023 Esports Calendar

The world of esports is thriving, and if you’re a fan of multiple games it can be difficult to keep up with all the esports events. We have compiled a calendar of the most anticipated and significant events of the year (excluding smaller tournaments and lower-tier events) so that you won’t miss any action! Whether you’re interested in the esports calendar or the esports calendar, we have all the games we analyze covered in our 2023 Esports Calendar.

Please note that we have only listed confirmed events. You may not see finals that typically take place at the end of the year displayed yet because the exact dates and locations for those events are often not public yet. We will update this list as the year progresses and more dates are confirmed.


[CS:GO] Blast Premier Spring Groups (January 19th – January 29th)

[DOTA 2] DPC Winter Regional League (January 10th – February 20th)

[LoL] LPL Spring Split (January 14th – March 26th)

[LoL] LCK Spring Split (January 19th – April 9th)

[LoL] LEC Winter (January 21st – February 26th)

[CS:GO] IEM Katowice (January 31st – February 12th)


[Fortnite] FNCS Major One (February 2nd – March 5th)

[VALORANT] VCT LOCK//IN São Paulo (February 2nd – March 4th)

[Rainbow Six: Siege] Six Invitational (February 7th – February 19th)

[CS:GO] ESL Pro League Season 17 (February 22nd – March 26th)

[Apex Legends] ALGS Split 1 (February 2nd – February 5th)



[VALORANT] VCT EMEA League (April 1st – May 28th)

[VALORANT] VCT Pacific League (April 1st – May 28th)

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[VALORANT] VCT Americas League (April 1st – May 28th)

[CS:GO] BLAST Paris Major RMR – Asia, Americas, EU (April 3rd – April 9th)

[Fortnite] Dreamhack Open San Diego (April 7th – April 9th)

[Fortnite] FNCS Major Two (April 13th – May 14th)

[CS:GO] IEM Brazil (April 17th – April 23rd)

[DOTA 2] ESL One Berlin Major (April 26th – May 7th)

[PUBG] PGS 1 (April 27th – May 7th)


[CS:GO] BLAST Paris Major (May 8th – May 21st)

[CS:GO] IEM Dallas (May 29th – June 4th)


[CS:GO] BLAST Premier Spring Final (June 7th – June 11th)

[Apex Legends] ALGS Split 2 (8th June – 11th June)

[VALORANT] Masters Tokyo

[Overwatch 2] World Cup Qualifiers

[PUBG] PNC 2023


[CS:GO] BLAST Premier Fall Groups (July 13th – July 23rd)

[Fortnite] FNCS Major Three (July 20th – August 27th)

[CS:GO] IEM Cologne (July 25th – August 6th)

[VALORANT] Last Chance Qualifiers


[CS:GO] ESL Pro League Season 18 (August 15th – September 24th)

[VALORANT] Champions




[CS:GO] BLAST Premier Fall Showdown (October 4th – October 8th)

[CS:GO] IEM Fall 2023 (October 16th – October 22nd)

[LoL] Worlds 2023


[CS:GO] BLAST Premier Fall Final (November 22nd – November 26th)

[PUBG] PGC 2023

[LoL] Worlds 2023 Finals


[CS:GO] BLAST Premier World Final (December 13th – December 17th)

2023 Esports Calendar

Our 2023 esports calendar will be regularly updated once new information becomes available, so make sure to check back regularly! If you have any updates for us or you feel that some events should be added to the calendar, please feel free to leave a comment.

Update at 3:01 - 31/07/2023
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