Most Popular CS:GO Knives – Discover the Top Skins

Knives are the most desired skins in CS:GO. With prices ranging from a couple dozen dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, there are many options to choose from. In this article, we will explore the most popular knives among professionals and provide our own recommendations to help you choose the best CS:GO knife for you.

It’s important to note that tastes vary, and there is no definitive answer to which knife is the best. Knives offer no gameplay benefits, so it all comes down to personal preference. However, there are trends and some knives are more desirable than others.

How to get a CS:GO knife

Knives can only be obtained through unboxing. Valve, the game’s developers, do not directly add knives to the game or inventories. Users must unbox them and then trade or sell them. Given the rarity of knives (around 0.25% chance of unboxing one), it is often better to buy a desired knife directly rather than relying on unboxing.

The most popular way to obtain a knife is through the Steam Community Market or third-party websites like CS.Money. Trading with other users is also an option, but it can be risky, especially for newcomers. For new players or those looking for a reliable option, buying from the Community Market or a reputable third-party website is recommended.

CS:GO knife price

The price of a knife is influenced by its rarity, finish, and overall desirability. Popular knife types and finishes tend to have higher prices. Newer knives are generally more expensive due to their rarity. However, prices can stabilize over time. It’s worth noting that specific knives are only found in specific cases, and the value of a case can also impact a knife’s price.

CS:GO knife types

There are currently 19 knife types in CS:GO. While new knives may be released in the future, it’s best to focus on the currently available ones. Each knife type may not have the same finishes available. Popular knives like the Karambit, Butterfly Knife, and M9 Bayonet tend to be more expensive than less popular options like the Navaja or Gut Knives.

The most popular CS:GO pro knives

Top tier professionals often use expensive knives. The Karambit and Butterfly knives are among the most popular choices. Knives with finishes like Doppler, Fade, and Slaughter are also highly regarded. Some professionals have their own special knife choices, while others like to switch it up. It’s worth noting that professionals often borrow skins from collectors for tournaments, adding a unique or rare element to their loadouts.

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Karambit Doppler Phase 2

The Karambit Doppler Phase 2 is highly popular due to its beautiful Doppler finish. The shades of pink and blue on the blade create a stunning visual effect. This knife is relatively affordable compared to other high-tier finishes, making it a favorite among professionals.

Butterfly Knife Fade

The Butterfly Knife Fade is known for its flashy finish. The gradient of colors creates a vibrant and eye-catching appearance. This knife is especially appealing to players who enjoy colorful designs. It’s also suitable for competitive play due to its performance on lower video settings.

Karambit Fade

The Karambit Fade has been a long-time favorite among professionals. Its unique Fade finish showcases vibrant colors and offers a visually appealing design. The Karambit’s overall aesthetic, paired with the rarity of Fade patterns, contributes to its desirability.

Butterfly Knife Slaughter

The Butterfly Knife Slaughter has a loyal following. Its distinctive Slaughter finish remains popular, despite its decreased value compared to the past. The knife’s aesthetic, combined with the Slaughter finish’s unique appeal, makes it a favorite among players.

Butterfly Knife Marble Fade

The Butterfly Knife Marble Fade offers a visually striking finish. Its vibrant and colorful design is reminiscent of RGB lighting or colorful objects. The Marble Fade finish is best appreciated with higher graphic settings.

CS:GO Knife Tier List

We have created a tier list based on the opinions of the team. Please note that this is for fun and does not dictate personal preferences. Everyone has different tastes, so feel free to choose the knife you like, even if others may not find it attractive. Here is our tier list:


Butterfly Knife

The Butterfly Knife is highly favored, thanks to its unique animations and overall enjoyable experience.


The Karambit is an iconic knife with satisfying animations and a menacing look.



The Bayonet has a unique pullout animation and an appealing overall look.

Classic Knife

The Classic Knife offers a nostalgic charm and unique animations that appeal to many players.


Flip Knife

The Flip Knife’s main appeal lies in its unique pullout animation and handle design.

Skeleton Knife

The Skeleton Knife offers unique animations but falls short in terms of overall aesthetics.


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