Q1 2023’s Hottest PC Gaming Accessories Revealed

In a fast-paced world like the PC gaming gear industry, it can be challenging to distinguish the exceptional products from the rest. Every week, new gear is announced, tempting gamers to constantly upgrade their setups. However, truly groundbreaking and game-changing products are rare, especially in the professional gaming world.

For professional gamers, performance is the top priority. Therefore, it is fascinating to see what gear the best of the best are using. In this article, which is the first in a series published quarterly, we will discuss the gear that top professionals use and the trends we have observed.


Sponsorships have some influence on the gear choices of professionals. However, the extent of this influence varies depending on the game, team, sponsored brands, and peripheral type. To learn more about sponsorships in esports, you can read . According to our data, the practice of brands forcing teams/players to use specific gear is becoming less common, particularly in product categories like mice.

It’s important to take these lists with a grain of salt. This article simply comments on the trends we observe. This doesn’t mean that products not listed are not worth considering, nor does it guarantee that using the exact gear as the pros will make you a gaming god.


1245 analyzed players, using 60 different monitors across 15 different brands

When it comes to gaming monitors, dominates the market. An impressive 69% of analyzed professionals use ZOWIE monitors for their gaming. What’s even more impressive is that ZOWIE has maintained this dominance for a long time. Their market share reached its peak at 70% towards the end of last year, with a 1% decrease this quarter. The and models from ZOWIE’s account for approximately 50% of ZOWIE users. The , ZOWIE’s newest release with a 360Hz 1080p TN panel, has already gained popularity and claimed third place as the most used monitor.

In second place, accounts for a solid 10%, followed by , , and . AlienWare owes its position to the popular AW2518H and AW2521H monitors, while ASUS ROG’s PG258QN and PG258Q are also commonly used in the gaming community.

ZOWIE has a firm grip on the monitor market and their position has only been strengthened with the introduction of the 360Hz monitor. It would require a significant effort from other brands to dethrone ZOWIE in this space.

Most Used Monitor Brands

Most Used Monitors


1326 analyzed players, using 153 different mice across 23 different brands

The has made a significant impact in the professional gaming scene. As the successor to the popular G Pro Wireless, it has surpassed its predecessor’s success and continues to dominate. This is remarkable considering the Superlight’s age; it is an older mouse compared to others in the market. Though Logitech faces competition from technically advanced mice, the Superlight’s focus on essential features has allowed it to outperform and remain popular even years after its release.

posed a challenge for the top spot, achieving impressive numbers and becoming the second most used mouse in our analysis. However, its growth has plateaued, making it unlikely to surpass the Superlight as the most used mouse in the foreseeable future. The G Pro Wireless, despite being an older mouse, continues to hold its position in third place, emphasizing Logitech’s ability to create highly regarded gaming mice.

The introduction of has impressed the gaming community, climbing to fourth place. Although currently used by a small percentage of professionals, it is a remarkable achievement for a relatively new and niche brand.

Regarding market share, there has been limited movement at the top. However, VAXEE’s wireless release has allowed them to overtake as the fourth most used mouse brand. Their wireless models, such as the and , offer a promising future for the brand.

Most Used Mouse Brands

Most Used Mice


1237 analyzed players, using 131 different keyboards across 36 different brands

In the keyboard market, there has been little movement among professional gamers. However, one newcomer, , has gained traction. Their 60 HE keyboard has moved beyond the Fortnite scene and gained popularity in mainstream gaming. While it is not yet in the top 5 most used keyboards, it is close, and we expect it to break into the top rankings by the end of next quarter.

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Logitech’s keyboard maintains its position at the top, followed by SteelSeries’ and the older version of the .

An interesting trend is the increasing preference for TKL keyboards or even smaller sizes. Just a few years ago, full-sized keyboards were the norm, but now most professionals opt for TKL or smaller keyboards.

While there has been little movement among brands in the keyboard market, Wooting has gained momentum thanks to the popularity of their 60 HE keyboard. However, they have not surpassed the higher percentages of other brands just outside the top 5, such as Xtrfy and Ducky.

Most Used Keyboard Brands

Most Used Keyboards


931 analyzed players, using 40 different GPUs across 8 different brands

GPUs are slow to be updated in professional players’ setups. It takes several months after the release of new graphics card lines to see them become the most used. Even though the ADA line of graphics cards has been available for some time now, the top 5 most used GPUs still include 20 and 30 series cards. The GeForce RTX 3080 remains the most popular graphics card among professional gamers.

Notably, NVIDIA dominates the GPU market, with an impressive 98% market share among professional gamers. This dominance has remained constant since the beginning of ProSettings.net.

Most Used GPU Brands

Most Used GPUs


1202 analyzed players, using 101 different headsets across 24 different brands

There hasn’t been much movement in the headset market in recent months due to the lack of major releases. Cloud II continues to dominate the gaming headset space, maintaining its position as the most used headset since 2016. However, Logitech’s poses a threat to the Cloud II’s position as Logitech’s headsets gain popularity. If the G Pro X headsets can maintain their market share, they may potentially surpass the Cloud II in the near future.

HyperX remains the top brand for gaming headsets, and with little movement among competitors compared to the previous quarter, it is unlikely that this will change soon. However, HyperX has experienced a slight decline in popularity over the past few months, suggesting that significant changes may occur in the gaming headset market.

Another interesting trend in gaming audio is the increasing use of in-ear monitors (IEMs) by streamers and professionals alongside their regular headsets or headphones. This trend, which was prevalent in PUBG, is now spreading to other games. While this hasn’t had a significant impact on the market, it may be worth considering offering quality IEMs as an additional option for gamers.

Most Used Headset Brands

Most Used Headsets


1257 analyzed players, using 112 different headsets across 36 different brands

The mousepad market has seen limited movement compared to the previous quarter. However, we want to highlight the rise of niche/specialized mousepads. , a Japanese manufacturer of premium mousepads, has gained popularity and become the sixth most used mousepad brand, surpassing brands like and . This is impressive considering the niche nature of the brand and the higher price range of their mousepads. Additionally, the popularity of the further demonstrates this trend.

The gaming community is becoming more aware of how mousepads can impact performance. There is a significant difference between speed pads and control pads, and even within the same category, mousepads can vary in performance.

The competition for the most used manufacturer of mousepads is tight, with ZOWIE in the lead but facing shrinking market share.

Most Used Mousepad Brands

Most Used Mousepads


The first quarter of the year is typically a period of little movement in the professional gaming gear scene. As players return from the holidays and tournaments resume, there are fewer gear releases during this time. Therefore, this quarterly report aims to set the stage rather than delve deep into specific changes.

Nonetheless, there have been interesting developments. The rise of specialized mousepads is a noteworthy trend to follow, as well as the entrenched position of classic brands in the professional scene. The significance of a brand losing its spot and the factors driving change are intriguing. Through this new series, we hope to provide insights into these trends in the months and years to come.

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