Review Philosophy and Frequently Asked Questions

New gaming products are released daily, but not all of them are worth purchasing. At, we strive to inform our readers about gear as much as possible. To date, we have reviewed over 150 gaming products and continuously add new reviews. In this article, we will explain our thought process behind our reviews.


Our focus is on you, the gamer. We are not interested in simply listing spec sheets or providing marketing slides. Nor do we want to overwhelm you with densely explained graphs and charts that may make it hard to see the bigger picture. We aim to write our reviews in a way that is understandable for everyone, regardless of their knowledge level in gaming gear.

Highlighting the product

We choose to highlight the product itself. While we do make comparisons to other products when necessary, we try to avoid basing our reviews solely on comparisons. After all, a review would be worthless to you if you have no experience with the product being compared to. Our goal is for everyone to gain something valuable from our reviews.

We aim to highlight what makes a product special or noteworthy, whether it is positive or negative. However, we also believe in viewing products within the appropriate context. For example, if a product is primarily designed for MMO games, it wouldn’t make sense to extensively discuss its performance as an FPS product.

It is important to remain realistic when reviewing. For instance, we wouldn’t compare the stabilizers of a $90 gaming keyboard to the hand-lubed stabilizers of a $400 custom mechanical keyboard. Similarly, a $150 budget gaming monitor cannot match the performance of a $1000 1440p 360Hz gaming monitor, but that doesn’t mean the budget monitor can’t excel within its own category.

We are aware that reviews are subjective to some extent. To supplement our reviews, we include objective data and observations without overwhelming readers with scientific-like papers filled only with charts and data.

How do you decide what to review?

Reviewing every single gear item is impossible unless we have a large team solely dedicated to reviewing. Instead, we prioritize quality over quantity. We decide whether to review a product on a case-by-case basis, considering factors such as the brand’s relevance in the professional scene, the product’s specifications, and the underlying technology. While we don’t have an official checklist, we aim to review products with significant potential.

Not everything is solely focused on performance. For example, an RGB light strip may not directly enhance your gameplay, but it can elevate the ambiance of your gaming room. Therefore, we also include more lighthearted reviews.

How do you get review products?

The majority of the products we review are provided to us by manufacturers for free. However, this does not influence the opinions of our reviewers in any way. The products are independently tested and reviewed by the reviewer(s) and later checked by an editor for language and spelling. Importantly, the manufacturer or anyone outside the staff never pre-approves the reviews.

We acknowledge that manufacturers sometimes send pre-checked products to reviewers to ensure flawless copies. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to confirm whether a product has been pre-checked. However, it is common for us to receive products with quality control errors or minor flaws, indicating that manufacturers send random production copies for review. In cases where a product has obvious flaws due to a faulty unit, we may reach out to the manufacturer for a replacement unit.

How do you rate and judge products?

We have a scoring system in place to provide an overall score for a product. However, we do not give individual components scores because we believe that the perception of what makes a certain piece of gear ‘good’ is subjective. For example, a certain mouse shape may not suit the preferences of our reviewer, but it may be ideal for some readers. Therefore, we let our readers decide the importance they place on specific aspects of a product.

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We do not have an official ‘ratings guide,’ but our ratings can be loosely interpreted as follows:

  • 1 star: This product is not worth your time or money. There are superior alternatives available.
  • 2 stars: This product has significant flaws in many aspects, but it may still be suitable for specific needs or preferences. Generally, we do not recommend this product unless you know exactly what you are looking for and are willing to accept its shortcomings.
  • 3 stars: This product is average in many respects. It may have a few smaller flaws or one major flaw, but it is still a solid product. It is important to consider whether these shortcomings are significant to you.
  • 4 stars: This product is extremely reliable. Any flaws or shortcomings are unlikely to be deal breakers for most people. The vast majority of users can use this product effectively. It performs well in all objectively judgeable categories.
  • 5 stars: This product is among the best in its category at the time of the review. This does not mean it is “perfect” or cannot be surpassed, but it has little to no objective downsides.

Products can also receive half a star, placing them between categories. Again, these ratings are not definitive, so we recommend reading the full review to form your own opinion about the product. We also encourage readers to read reviews by other individuals to gather multiple perspectives before making an important purchase.

Please note that we do not update or edit reviews unless there is a firmware update or similar circumstance. Consequently, older reviews that are several years old may contain outdated references. For example, a mouse that was considered “super lightweight” back then may now be categorized differently due to advancements in technology. The tech market moves quickly, and products that were once cutting-edge may not hold the same status today.


We currently have two awards: the Staff’s Choice award and the Pro’s Choice award. The Pro’s Choice award is exclusively granted to products that have consistently ranked in the top 5 most used products in any of our analyzed games for over 30 days. This award signifies that the product is actively used by multiple professional gamers.

The Staff’s Choice award is given by our staff. Products that receive this award are highly innovative or finished to exceptionally high standards. Our staff members would willingly incorporate these products into their own setups due to their overall quality.

Limitations of reviewing

We strive to account for all aspects when reviewing products, but there is one significant aspect that reviewers cannot fully test: durability. While we check the build quality of the products we review, our reviewers only spend a few weeks with the product, making it impossible to determine its long-term durability after months of heavy usage. This is a limitation faced by all reviewers.

Additionally, not every product is identical. Products can have quality control issues, which means that your purchased product may have faulty clicks, while the reviewed product had great clicks. This does not indicate dishonesty or misinformation from the reviewer; these inconsistencies can vary between copies. If you receive a faulty copy, it is essential to contact the store where you made the purchase.

Ask us anything

We strive to respond to every comment we receive. If you have any questions about a product, feel free to leave a comment, and our reviewer will respond. You can also reach out to us on Discord. We are always here to help and provide honest opinions to assist you in finding the product that best suits your needs. However, please remember to maintain civility in your comments, as rude or derogatory comments will be removed.

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