Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED- Codes – Update February 2024

The highly popular game, Roblox Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED-, has taken the virtual gaming community by storm. Developed by the talented @Starbattle, this first-person shooter (FPS) has garnered a massive following with its incredible gameplay and stunning visuals.

Despite being a relatively new entry into the Roblox universe, Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED- has already amassed an impressive number of fans. With 52,204 favorites and over 2.8 million visits, it is clear that players are captivated by this exhilarating experience.

The game’s developer, @Starbattle, deserves immense credit for creating such an immersive and addictive gaming experience. They have truly demonstrated their expertise in crafting a game that attracts players of all ages and preferences. Roblox Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED- paints a vivid picture of their commitment to delivering high-quality content to the Roblox community.

But what makes this game truly unique is its genre. FPS games have always had a special place in the gaming world, and this Roblox creation has successfully captured the essence of the genre. Whether you are a fan of action-packed battles or simply enjoy testing your shooting skills, Roblox Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED- guarantees an adrenaline rush like no other.

Despite its success, it is worth noting that the game is currently inactive. However, this is quite common within the gaming community as creators often take breaks to refine and enhance their projects.

In conclusion, the Roblox community has embraced Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED- with open arms. With its impressive number of favorites, visits, and its remarkable FPS gameplay, it has firmly secured its place among the top games on the platform. Although currently inactive, one can only anticipate the thrilling updates that @Starbattle will bring to this already captivating gaming experience.

Latest Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED- code – Update 22/02

Codes Rewards
TWEET123317F4 Use this code to receive 300 power your reward
FATC42B4FE Use this code to get 300 power a reward
VIC754097F0 Redeem this code to receive 300 token a reward
SVIP68AEA3E3 Use this code to obtain 200 cash a reward
FREE55CBC885 Input this code to get 500 coin your reward
SUP402933CF Redeem this code to obtain 500 gems a reward
TWEET7E4F4EFC Use this code to obtain 500 gold reward
LIV32C0209A Redeem this code to get 300 gems your reward
FAT4C40F852 Input this code to obtain 500 coin reward
SUP7557512E Use this code to obtain 100 diamon a reward

Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED- expired codes

Codes Rewards
VIC4BB9172A Input this code to get 100 gold reward
TWEET1A874F86 Input this code to receive 1000 cash reward
SUP29F6E3D1 Redeem this code to receive 200 coin reward
SUB5BBA4825 Input this code to receive 100 power reward
VIP162CEB83 Use this code to receive 200 cash reward
NEW26E8AFD Redeem this code to obtain 200 gold a reward
SUP4CB23224 Redeem this code to get 200 EXP your reward
SVIP55DABD0C Redeem this code to receive 500 gems a reward
TWEET6D20F6CE Input this code to get 100 token a reward
TOY6A51A1F9 Redeem this code to get 1000 gems your reward
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Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED- beginner code

  • HOT2B5464F1
  • FREE674F8CBD
  • SUP4BF7D092
  • SVIP6F0A2492
  • FAT292FA9B2
  • TOY19F17225
  • SVIP12541E2
  • SVIP223FF70F
  • TOY227DA3B0

Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED- forever code

  • SUP4E8B775B
  • VIC36F639CF
  • VIP14D3A09D
  • SUBA0F2915
  • SVIP1E65CD24
  • TOY74D1702D
  • TOY6748476C
  • HOT387373FC
  • VIC1D592956
  • VIP7BE63599

What are Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED- Codes?

Gift codes for Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED- are complimentary gifts offered by game developers as a token of appreciation to gamers for their ongoing support and loyalty. Every player can use these codes in the game. What makes codes great is that they are safe to use since only the developers have the capability to generate them.

Using Gift Codes for Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED- Video Game

To redeem Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED- codes, there are several steps you need to follow:

  1. Start the Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED- game
  2. Select the Settings icon
  3. Input the code that you wish to utilize
  4. Click the Confirmation button
  5. Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED- Codes

Discovering Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED- codes

Many websites and social media platforms are sharing codes for Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED-, but all of them are bogus. Currently, there are no available codes. For the most reliable source of codes, check the official game social media accounts on platforms like Trello, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. When game developers generate a fresh code, they will share it on social media platforms, making it visible and accessible to all players for use.

Many YouTube videos and other sources are asserting that functional Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED- Codes exist, but in reality, they are all fraudulent. We attempt to use them, but they prove ineffective. Exercise extreme caution if a website or an individual claims to possess functional codes but requires your game login details in exchange, as this is a fraudulent activity. Their intention is to gain access to your account. Developers will always make the codes they create for players openly available.

When can we expect the release of the latest Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED- codes?

Unfortunately, developers have not provided any information regarding the release date for Shi_No Numa (死の沼しのぬま) v0.3 -REMASTERED- Codes.

Most Roblox game developers craft codes as they attain specific milestones, such as reaching a particular number of likes, prayers, visits, and so on.

Hence, this is the opportune time to seek out Shi_No Numa (死の沼しのぬま) v0.3 -REMASTERED- codes. Should they become available, we will promptly update this guide.

Info on the roblox game Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED-.

Active 0
Favorites 52,204
Visits 2.8M+
Server Size 6
Genre FPS

Get your hands on the game Shi_No Numa (死の沼) v0.3 -REMASTERED- by clicking here.

This is in Beta Stage. Glitches and problems will arise. Do send me feedback. 🙂

Welcome to Starbattle’s Shi_No Numa v0.3. This game is based on the 3rd map in Call Of Duty: World At War. The purpose of this game is to survive as many rounds as possible against Zombie and zombie hounds. There are infinite rounds, and zombies health increases each round. Any problems/glitches you find do ## ## about them and ill try and patch them. 🙂 Type ‘kick PLAYERNAME’ to vote kick.

Last updates: v0.3 . Remastered from the previous 0.2 version along with new features.

Controls: [R] = Reload, [F] = Interact with Environment & Revive Player, [Right Click] = Aim Sight, [V] = Knife, [G] = Grenade/Molotov/Monkey Bomb, [X] = Bouncing Betty, [Left Shift] = Sprint.

Update at 10:38 - 27/11/2023
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