Top 5 Games Comparable to VALORANT

VALORANT is an incredibly popular FPS (First Person Shooter) game that successfully merges elements from behemoths such as CS:GO and Overwatch in order to serve up a rather unique game that manages to draw in millions of players every single month. If you are tired of playing the same game all the time (or if you for some reason can’t get into VALORANT specifically but you want to experience a similar game) we’ve listed five games like VALORANT in this article for you to consider.

How we picked

We’ve taken great care to only list games that have more than just a couple of passing similarities with the game. It would be easy to just list 25 First Person Shooter games, or perhaps list games that also have different heroes to choose from but have absolutely nothing in common with VALORANT aside from that. We go for quality, not quantity, so the five games in our list all have more than a few things that can potentially make them a valid alternative to VALORANT.

Counter-Strike (often abbreviated as ‘CS’) is one of the most popular esports games on the planet, and it has served as one of the biggest inspirations for VALORANT. As such it’s quite obviously the first game we thought of when we were considering games like VALORANT.

CS is a team-based shooter, where teams of five people play against each other, alternating between attackers and defenders. Just like in VALORANT, the main objective for the attackers is to either successfully plant and detonate the bomb, and the defenders have to prevent that from happening. Also like in VALORANT, there’s a lot of emphasis on gunplay and precision. Counter-Strike is an easy game to understand, but it takes a lifetime to master due to the complex mechanics behind the game.

If you want to experience the game that basically made the blueprint for VALORANT, you should definitely check out CS:GO.


  • Both games feature 5v5, objective-based gameplay with alternating sides
  • Both games focus on mechanics and precision
  • Both games have a strong focus on teamplay
  • Both games have ingame economies, where players have to buy their own loadout, adding an extra tactical element to the game
  • CS is probably the strongest inspiration for VALORANT
  • In CS, everyone has the same character (attackers have access to different weaponry than defenders though)
  • CS has no abilities (you can buy smoke grenades, flashbang, molotovs, and decoy grenades though)

Overwatch 2’s gameplay is a lot looser in the sense that it’s not as focused on precise aim and movement mechanics as VALORANT, but that might be just what the doctor ordered if you want to take a bit of a break from VALORANT’s type of gameplay and want to let loose a bit.

Overwatch 2 is a 5v5, team-based shooter with objectives, but what those objectives are varies from map to map. You’ve got a bunch of variations on classic objective-based gamemodes such as king of the hill and escort missions, and you really need to work together as a team if you want to succeed.

In addition to all of this, Overwatch 2 has a large roster of heroes to pick from. It differs from VALORANT in the sense that you can change heroes at any point during the match (as long as you’re in spawn) but if you want to experience that rewarding feeling of specializing in one specific character (or a couple of them) and putting your skills to work in a team-based environment, Overwatch 2 might just be the game for you.

Overwatch 2 is also an ideal choice for people who aren’t that good at aiming (yet) due to the fact that there’s a whole variety of heroes to choose from that don’t require pixel-perfect aim. Tank heroes, for example, are generally much more focused on outsmarting your opponents and playing tactically than pure aim, so there is something for everyone in this game.

Overwatch 2 compared to VALORANT

  • Both games are 5v5, team-based games where the team has to go for a certain objective
  • Both games have a varied roster of characters with specific, specialized abilities to choose from (though Overwatch 2 allows you to switch characters during a match)
  • Both games have a strong focus on teamplay
  • Characters in both games have ultimate abilities, which can turn a game/round around when used correctly
  • Overwatch 2 is a lot less focused on aiming and precise inputs
  • Overwatch 2 has a varied amount of gametypes, with different objectives to complete
  • Overwatch 2 is a lot more fast-paced, with a lot more frantic movement
  • Overwatch 2 doesn’t have an ingame economy


Paladins is a game that’s not very well-known to the general public, but seeing as it’s a game that’s extremely similar to Overwatch (2) this is another good recommendation for gamers who are looking for games like VALORANT.

In Paladins, you’re playing a 5v5 team-based shooter where you have to complete varying objectives in order to win, but the key difference between Paladins and Overwatch lies in the characters and abilities, and in that sense, Paladins is more similar to VALORANT than Overwatch is. In Paladins, you can choose from a large variety of heroes who all have unique skills and ultimate abilities, but the kicker here is that each hero can be customized prior to the match. Combine this with the fact that you can’t change your selection once you’ve locked it in and you’ve got a game where the character selection phase is half the battle.

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If you want to play a VALORANT alternative with a looser style like Overwatch 2 but you want just a little bit of extra tactical depth and customization options, Paladins could be a game for you.

Paladins vs VALORANT

  • Both games are 5v5, team-based games where teams have to complete objectives
  • Both games lock in your character selection before the match starts, adding extra tactical depth
  • Both games have a strong focus on teamplay
  • Characters in both games have unique abilities and ultimate abilities, which can turn fights and games around when used correctly
  • Paladins is a lot less focused on precise aiming and inputs
  • Paladins is less polished and has less new content due to having a smaller dev team
  • Paladins is a lot more casual and frantic than the more tactical, slow-paced VALORANT
  • Paladins doesn’t have an ingame economy

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 (known as ‘TF2’) is a game that admittedly strays further away from VALORANT than some other titles in this article, but it has enough similarities for us to recommend it to people who are looking for games that are similar to VALORANT.

TF2 is a team-based game where teams play against each other to complete objectives, but TF2 is a lot more casual and fast-paced by nature than VALORANT. A big difference between the two lies in the fact that TF2 isn’t a hero shooter but a class-based shooter: there are different classes to choose from in TF2, and all of those classes have their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, but within those classes you don’t have heroes with their own unique abilities and playing styles. The game does have different weapons which have different stats and features, so there is a certain degree of customization present there.

The somewhat wacky artstyle of TF2 can also be found in the gameplay: TF2 is nowhere near as serious or slow-paced as VALORANT, and relies less on teamplay. If you just want to relax a bit in a shooter where the expectations of your teammates perhaps aren’t as high and you can do your own thing (to a certain extent) you can consider giving TF2 a try since it’s free to play.


  • Both games are team-based FPS games where players have to complete certain objectives in order to win
  • TF2 has different classes and weapons, allowing players to choose a player character that suits their playing style (though VALORANT is a hero shooter and TF2 is a class-based shooter)
  • TF2 is a lot more casual and fast-paced than VALORANT
  • TF2 is a lot less focused on teamplay and precise coordination
  • VALORANT has a much slower pace than TF2
  • Classis in TF2 have different abilities, but they aren’t as pronounced as in VALORANT, and TF2 is less ability-focused
  • TF2 doesn’t have an ingame economy

Games like Overwatch and Paladins take certain elements of what makes VALORANT so attractive to play and put it into a slightly more casual, less aim-based game, but if you’re someone who wants to get sweaty by discovering new angles and beating your opponents in aim fights then Rainbow Six Siege is a good option. This game has a ton of depth to it, and even though it’s an extremely punishing game for newcomers it makes it all the more rewarding once you start mastering Siege.

In Rainbow Six Siege, teams of 4 players go up against each other, alternating between offense and defense, and players can choose from a wide variety of different operators each round, each with their own unique abilities and gadgets.

What makes Siege truly unique is its verticality and destructible environments, giving you virtually limitless amount of ways to tackle objectives. You can scale walls, plant C4 on certain parts of the map in order to blow walls away, you’ve got drones, cameras, … There’s a myriad of ways to play this game, and if you want to play a game where you can really lose yourself in its competitive scene, Rainbow Six Siege is a good option.

Rainbow Six Siege vs VALORANT

  • Both games are team-based games where teams alternate between sides
  • Both games are focused on teamplay
  • Both games focus on precise mechanics and inputs
  • Both games have a big roster of characters to choose from, each with their own abilities and skills
  • Siege has a very big focus on strategy and pre-round planning
  • Siege allows you to reshape the map (to a certain extent) and has a lot more verticality than VALORANT
  • Siege is more focused on finding special angles and special tricks in order to get a leg up on your opponents, and is less focused on aiming skills
  • Siege doesn’t have an ingame economy

Games Like VALORANT – Conclusion

VALORANT is a rather unique blend of different games, so in truth there is not a single game that’s almost the exact same as VALORANT, and only a few that share enough similiraties to the point where they can be rightfully called alternatives. If you are someone who wants a similar experience (either because you’re taking a break from VALORANT or because you just can’t get into the game) it is a good idea to consider what it is that you like about the game. Is it the characters with their own abilities? Is it the ingame economy that gives the game extra depth? Is it the precise gunplay? Based on your answer to that question, there are definitely some games to consider.

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