Top Apex Legends Team Compositions for Season 15

has been around since the beginning of 2019, and arguably still holds the title of one of the best Battle Royales out there. Due to the success and longevity of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment and EA Games must keep new and current fans alike captivated. Overall, Respawn has accomplished customer engagement and retention by constantly adding new content such as new Legends, weapons, maps, and game modes to keep things fresh.

These changes and updates can keep the meta changing, especially in relation to Legends, whether they are new or being reworked. This may have current and new Apex Legends gamers guessing about the best team composition.

If you want to find some of the best Apex Legends team comps, look no further.


What is a team comp?

A team composition, or comp, is a combination of characters (or in this case Apex Legends) which make up a team. A good team comp consists of legends that synergize very well together, minimizing weak points in the overall team cohesion. While Duos is a mode that’s available, we’ll be focusing on Trios team comps in this article.

Why is team comp important?

First, let’s discuss the obvious: the meta. When we say ‘meta’ in gaming, we simply mean what’s currently ‘the best way to play’. Certain weapons can be in or out of the meta, for example, and the same goes for Legends.

When grinding through Apex Legends ranked, there will always be a meta, and as you climb into the higher tiers such as Diamond, Masters, and sometimes even Platinum lobbies, you will find that team comps are mostly made out of meta Legends. If your team does not run a solid Apex team comp, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. Simply put: even if you are a highly skilled player, it will still be much harder to go against a possibly ‘broken’ Legend or team comp than it will be to fight an off-meta opponent. Duels aren’t simply a 1:1 measurement of player skill.

Best Overall Apex Legends Team Comps

Valkyrie (or Wraith) | Gibraltar | Bloodhound

If you’re new to comp, solo queuing through ranked, or you simply don’t have much experience with some of the newer Legends in Apex, this is a go-to team comp. Gibraltar is still hands down the best defensive Legend (you will see this become a theme as you work your way through the list). His bubble, revive ability, gun shield, fortified passive, and ultimate make him an auto pick in any team comp.

Pairing Gibraltar with Valkyrie can provide significant advantages. The ability to bubble a Valkyrie ult, allowing for quick rotation or reposition, can mean the difference between life or death. Valkyrie’s passive also allows you to scan for enemy positions while in the air, assisting your team with the best location to hold.

Bloodhound provides great scan abilities with your team, with very little communication required. Having a Bloodhound paired with a Gibraltar for close quarters combat will almost always ensure easy wins.

If you or a teammate is more inclined to instalock Wraith, that’s not a problem. You could substitute almost any mobility character in this spot, and Wraith would be one of the recommended Apex characters. While you do lose out on some quick repositioning for the team by subbing out Valkyrie, it is also true that Valkyrie loses value in the endgame.

Wraith, on the other hand, shines during the endgame. The combination of Wraith’s teleporter and phase ability allows her team to relocate with ease, not needing to risk a fight. Bloodhound’s scan can assist Wraith before she places her portal to ensure that there are no unexpected surprises. Gibraltar compliments Wraith well; if she or Bloodhound get knocked, he can bubble the edge of the portal for a quick revive.

Gibraltar | Caustic | Valkyrie

You may have seen this comp before, as it was very popular not too long ago. This team comp is great for taking control of power positions early in the game game. With the quick rotations provided by Valkyrie, Caustic’s ability to lock down a building, and Gibraltar’s overall defensive tankiness, this is a great proactive defensive comp. Valkyrie should constantly be scanning all the survey beacons to ensure that your team is in the best position possible.

Gibraltar | Bangalore | Lifeline

While this isn’t the very best comp out there, this one is a great all-around comp for new players or those coming back from a long break.

Lifeline recently received a slight buff, making her healing drone a bit more effective, and is a solid pick if you are helping teammates new to Apex Legends stay alive. The notable combo here is the usage of Gibraltar’s bubble and Lifeline’s drone for healing or revives. The usage of Lifeline’s revive drone allows for Gibby to stay in the fight while providing a protective barrier for your teammate to heal-up after being revived. Bangalore can also provide additional support during this scenario by using smoke to conceal the exact location of the Gibby bubble.

Speaking of Bangalore, her smoke ability and double time passive provide attributes equally suitable for an aggressive playstyle as well as disengagement.

If you wanted to get a little more aggressive with this composition, swapping out the Gibraltar with a Bloodhound allows for you to smoke and scan an enemy team, allowing for a very tactically aggressive playing style.

Best Apex Legends Defense Comps

Wraith | Newcastle | Catalyst

To start off our defensive list, we add some of the newly added Apex Legends characters. Catalyst provides utility in reinforcing doors as well as laying small patches of ferrofluid that can spike nearby enemies. Both of Catalyst’s abilities are great for locking down entryways.

Newcastle’s fortified castle wall ultimate not only serves as a barrier to provide protection and block doorways, but for the first 30 seconds upon deployment, the wall is electrified. The additional moving and shielded revive ability that Newcastle offers also has immense utility in case a teammate goes down behind your fortifications.

Lastly, Wraith provides superb late game rotations. Wraith’s dimensional rift portal will allow your team to move from cover to cover, avoiding open areas and allowing the Catalyst and Newcastle to focus on setting up defenses quickly. Wraith can also provide your team an escape with her dimensional rift portal if your defensive position has been compromised and you need to retreat quickly.

Wattson | Caustic | Lifeline

The ultimate defensive combo for our Apex Legends team composition list. Caustic can easily control areas by locking down buildings and other areas with his gas traps. Additionally, Caustic can physically block doors by placing his gas traps in front of them.

Combine the Wattson (who can setup fences in front of other ways of entry or even as a second barrier) with Caustic traps, and you deter foes just from the visual sight of these items. The ability to lock down a building with Caustic and Wattson allows your team to deter enemies trying to push and take control of your position, and you have ample time to prepare for a fight with anyone brave enough to try and break through your defenses.

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The addition of Wattson’s interception pylon provides shield regeneration and destroys any throwables within its radius, complimenting the lockdown playstyle mentioned above.

Not only do you have the defensive abilities of Wattson and Caustic, but with the shield regeneration from Wattson and the addition of Lifeline’s healing drone, you can save resources until you absolutely need to use them. This could mean the difference between life and death during a poking match where an enemy team is looking for an opening if they crack shields on you or your teammates. This really allows you to hunker down with additional healing resources and hold a strong position.

This comp does lack a mobility character, which is the one obvious downside. If you can stay on top of the zones, however, and secure a final zone building early on, this team comp will really shine.

Wattson | Caustic | Rampart

This Apex Legends team comp is almost cringe worthy, but it works, and therefore deserves a mention. Sticking with the theme of defense, we keep Wattson and Caustic, but sub in Rampart to construct a full defensive squad.

Each one of these characters tactical abilities provides a defensive mechanism to either slow or halt foes in their tracks. If you are lucky enough to control a prime location during the
final zones, you can safely sit back and clip other teams while they fight one another competing for the next best spot in zone. If an enemy team can break through your outfitted building of deterrents, Rampart’s minigun will be an unwelcome surprise for any foe breaking through the door.

Best Aggressive Apex Legends Team Comps

Wraith | Pathfinder | Octane

When it comes to aggressive playstyles in Apex Legends, you’ll want to focus on very mobile characters. The first two characters here are some of the OG movement and mobility characters. Octane’s stim ability and quick cooldown jump pad can really catch a team off-guard with how quickly he can be in your face.

Pathfinder, while having a grossly large hitbox, has a high skill ceiling which, if used correctly, can still easily discombobulate a team, even allowing higher skilled players to take on a 1v3.

The last character we have here is Wraith, and we included her mainly because of the rotation utility provided for late game. Feel free to swap Wraith with any other mobility character such as a Horizon, Ash, Valkyrie, or even a Loba though.

Gibraltar | Mad Maggie | Seer

You may find it a bit odd to see this team comp listed under the aggressive category, but while it’s true that this comp does require more skill and communication, it can be a lethal team comp if coordinated correctly.

While you still have Gibraltar (because he’s awesome), we’ve replaced our mobility character with Mad Maggie, and our recon with Seer. The Maggie and Seer combo works very well in defensive and aggressive scenarios. Situation: you’re in the final ring, where cover is scarce, and there is a team using the corner of a wall as cover, another team using a rock, and so on. Seer’s microdrones can reveal these enemy locations and their health status. More importantly, any healing is halted for any foe who is caught in the path of the microdrones.

Enter Mad Maggie, with her riot drill ability which can be used on these newly revealed enemies behind cover, and who were just prevented from healing due to Seer’s microdrones. Using these Apex Legends in a team comp allows for extremely aggressive pushes.

Horizon | Valkyrie | Newcastle

To round off our best aggressive Apex Legends team comp section, we have Horizon, Valkyrie, and Newcastle. As mentioned earlier, Valkyrie provides supreme early game rotations with her VTOL jets, also allowing for a quick scan if needed.

Horizon’s passive ability, spacewalk, provides an increase in air movement speed, and it also decreases movement delays when falling from any height. This makes her very slippery when, and when paired with some well-executed strafe tapping or super gliding, Horizon becomes quite an elusive character.

Between Valkyrie’s ability to fly and Horizon’s Gravity Lift, your team is able to flank enemies from all angles. Newcastle may seem to not fit in here, but his ultimate allows him to quickly join a teammate who is in need of assistance while deploying cover, not to mention this comes in handy during late game zones as well.

Best Off-Meta Apex Legends Comps

Fuse | Loba | Vantage

Starting off our off-meta list of best Apex Legends team comps, we pick one of the newest characters, Vantage. Her overall kit is more suited to a solo player who only plays with the same teammates occasionally. The intention for her kit was to allow her tactical ability to gain access to prime sniper vantage points so that it can pair with her ultimate sniper rifle to mark enemies for teammates. However, Vantage’s tactical ability echo location is commonly used as a more tactical aggressive ability to, for example, jump onto a roof to enter a building during engagements while your teammates push through the first floor.

The Fuse and Loba combo works very well together, even in areas without much loot. Allowing Fuse to access as many lethals as possible really maximizes his kit and unlocks his full playstyle. Fuse can use his knuckle cluster and additional lethals in a defensive or aggressive manner, allowing you to provide support for an aggro Vantage.

Loba’s teleporting bracelet ability also allows her to engage quickly with her team, and can also allow for a quick reposition. Overall, this is a very fun team comp to play, but I suggest trying this in PUBS before taking it to ranked.

Bangalore | Caustic | Bloodhound

Here we have the smoke scan Apex Legends team comp. Between Bangalore’s tactical smoke and Caustic’s gas traps and ultimate, you can really clutter your enemies screen during a fight. Throw in a Bloodhound to help your teammates easily locate your enemies who are lost in clouds of smoke and gas, and you should be able to end the fight as quickly as it started.

While enemy teams may have their own scan character, you can pull a coordinated high IQ play by using Bangalore’s smoke first, waiting until the enemies engage, and then shooting another smoke canister while Caustic simultaneously throws down gas traps. Once the enemies engage, they will be affected by the gas, giving you the advantage.

Horizon | Valkyrie | Octane

This final Apex Legends team comp could probably be in the aggressive category, but because it really only provides maximum usage during earlier zones, it’s hard to justify it as a full aggro ranked recommendation. Nevertheless, it is an incredibly fun comp to play.

This is essentially an a full pounce team comp, and with every character allowing for vertical mobility, you will keep enemy teams on their toes. The ability to engage a team from multiple angles, as well as quickly disengage and regroup shifts a large amount of pressure to the enemy teams fighting you to have constant information on your whole team, and those less experienced in the game will often find that pressure leads to careless mistakes.


Apex Legends is an incredibly rewarding game to play, but coming up against comps that are seemingly impossible to beat can be frustrating. After reading this guide, you should have more than enough options to form a killer team comp no matter your experience with certain heroes or the game in general. Good luck out there, and thanks for reading!

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