What Does Corsair iCUE Refer to?

Almost all gaming-focused peripherals that you can buy nowadays come with (optional) software that allows you to configure their behavior, lighting, and so on. In this article, we’ll take a look at Corsair’s iCUE software and tell you about its features and customization options.

Corsair’s gear configuration software

You can only use iCUE with Corsair products or with compatible partner products such as Nanoleaf panels, for example. Corsair iCUE is currently on its fourth iteration, iCUE 4.

In order to use Corsair iCUE, you have to download it from their website and connect your gear.

What is Corsair iCUE?

Corsair iCUE allows you to customize your Corsair peripherals’ lightning and performance, and there are also expansive rebinding and macro functionalities. iCUE is one of the most detailed and comprehensive gear customization kits out there at this point in time, so the software does come with a bit of a learning curve. Once you’re past that, however, the options are pretty much nearly endless.

If you decide that you don’t want to dive into the vast amount of options that iCUE offers you can also download profiles that have been submitted by other users. iCUE also offers game integrations so that you lighting gets synced to in-game events for a more immersive experience. There is also the possibility to create multiple profiles that you can switch between on the fly, so that you have a gaming mode, movie mode, and so on.

iCUE can also serve as a hub for controlling all iCUE compatible products for a seemless lighting experience. Compatible brands include ASUS ROG and Nanoleaf.

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Aside from the vast amount of lighting options, iCUE also allows you to personalize your gear’s behavior, ranging from mouse settings to headset volume, audio EQ, …

Monitoring and Adjusting System Performance with Corsair iCUE

In addition to offering the usual customization options, iCUE also allows you to control your PC performance. You can set up iCUE to switch to a certain color if your temperatures exceed a certain limit, for example, or you can create automated fan curves to keep PC temperatures below a certain threshold.

Do note that you need compatible products (iCUE compatible fan controllers, for example) in order for this to work.

Is Corsair iCUE Worth It?

Corsair iCUE is a very large (both when it comes to file size as well as the sheer amount of customization options available) program that offers nearly unrivaled customization options for your Corsair peripherals. If you have Corsair gear or you’re planning to buy Corsair gear it can be a good idea to download iCUE to help you configure said gear to your liking. If you’re someone who likes to set intricate RGB patterns to match certain moods (or games), iCUE is also a dream come true thanks to its incredible amount of customization options.

Due to the large amount of partners, iCUE can act as your ‘control hub’ if you are using predominantly Corsair (or Corsair partner) products. You can control your PC’s fan speed, monitor your temperature, set the ambient lighting of your Nanoleaf panels, and so on. Do note that iCUE isn’t completely agnostic, so you will need to use iCUE compatible products.

Update at 3:01 - 31/07/2023
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