What does mouse smoothing mean?

Mouse smoothing is similar to in that it modifies the raw input of a user to ‘predict’ the user’s intended mouse movements.

What is mouse smoothing

Modern (gaming) mice accurately report the user’s mouse movements, but older sensors and trackballs were not as precise as modern optical sensors. Older mice had a low , resulting in abrupt cursor movements. To smooth out mouse movement, manufacturers implemented mouse smoothing.

In simple terms, the computer predicts the mouse’s movement and adds virtual measure points to create a smoother and visually appealing pattern. Mouse smoothing is still used by most office and regular mouse users who do not require pixel-perfect precision.

Why mouse smoothing is bad for gaming

In gaming, it is crucial for the mouse to register movements as accurately as possible without any alterations. Mouse smoothing, like angle snapping, can negatively impact performance. However, some people mistakenly believe that mouse smoothing can be beneficial.

Mouse smoothing can make your aim feel imprecise and affect your performance. For example, when quickly aiming for a pixel-perfect shot at an enemy that is barely visible, a mouse with smoothing may ‘correct’ your movement and cause the cursor to skip past the few pixels of the enemy, resulting in a missed shot. It is important to have a mouse with a flawless sensor that does not alter your movements in any way, especially in competitive gaming scenarios. We always recommend turning off smoothing unless you are playing a casual single-player game.

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Update at 3:01 - 31/07/2023
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